About Us

PEANUT BUTTER & JELLY PROJECT is a Grassroots organizations that provides food, clothing, and basic needs and assistance to our local Homeless & Veteran Communities and implements long-tern solutions that help them to be self-sufficient. We use the PB&J sandwich as a tool to build a repor with the homeless to find out how we can help them further. 100% of the proceeds goto helping the Homeless and Veteran Communities. The officers of the Peanut Butter & Jelly Project do not receive salaries or compensation in any form.

What we DO:
➢ We are a national 501c3 Non Profit
➢ We provide food, clothing, and assistance to the Homeless and Veteran Communities.
➢ We have reduced the cost of a meal to $1. This meal consists of a Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich, 1 banana, 1 bag of pretzels, and 1 bottle of water.
➢ We collect, clean, separate, and distribute clothing.
➢ We hand out toiletries.
➢ We help the homeless to find jobs by creating Resumes and providing them an address to use for job search purposes. We also have partnered with local business owners whom have agreed to hire homeless people
➢ We provide an address where they can receive mail.
➢ We have hairdressers that cut and clean their hair every 2 weeks to help them to look more presentable.
➢ We buy train and bus tickets to reunite people back to their families.
➢ We take people to rehab and detox centers.
➢ We have partnered with local dentists, medical professionals, and psychologists whom have donated their own time and services to help provide these services at no cost to the Homeless community.
➢ We have been able to fund ourselves with the help of the generous donations of good people and businesses who donate their time and money.
➢ We have monthly fundraising events
➢ We have successfully gotten 108 people off of the streets and functioning on their own.